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Sudeb is a Virginia attorney who provides aggressive, principled representation.


Sudeb has personally experienced immigration to the United States.  He is a former engineer, a graduate of a Juris Doctor program from a Washington-area law school, and a member in good standing of the Virginia State Bar.  Call if you need help with a visa or other petition, CBP or ICE action, or representation in immigration court.

Virginia Practice

Domestic Relations (Family Law)

Sudeb will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and mitigating factors in your case, and develop a trial or hearing strategy with you that suits the circumstances.  Sudeb can help prepare a petition for a protective order, or represent you at a protective order hearing.

Criminal Defense

We will prepare a vigorous defense to protect your rights.  Criminal defense is also about preserving the U.S. and Virginia constitutions, and about holding government to the high standards set in these documents.  A vigorous defense in your case protects the rights of all.

In addition to family law and criminal defense, Sudeb's Virginia practice includes other areas such as contracts and representation before government departments or agencies.

Virginia general information

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